I provide individual therapy for Adults and Teenagers of any identity or orientation with therapy either at my office or online.

In addition, I offer World Building Therapy (also known as Lowenfeld’s World Technique or Kalff’s Sandplay).  This is a type of expressive arts therapy involving creatively and intuitively creating a landscape in sand with miniatures of all kinds of things in the real world.  The Playroom is stocked with figures meant for adults allowing adults to re-engage with the playful intuitive part of themselves, feel more alive, and work through pains.

The issues I have worked with the most with:

  • General dissatisfaction, depression, feeling stuck, or a lack of vitality
  • Anxiety, rumination, negative thoughts, pressure, and stress
  • Relationship challenges at home, at work, or socially
  • Parenting and Partnering
  • Work and Life Transitions
  • Unproductive or unwanted behaviors (may be called addictions)

My experiences as a high-level performer, a coach, a parent, and now a therapist make me uniquely suited to work with:

  • Athletes, Coaches, and Parents of Athletes
  • Retired Athletes
  • Actors, Musicians and Other Performing artists
  • Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Business Leaders


My standard 2024 fee for psychotherapy $175 per hour and I also offer sessions at reduced prices should your current circumstance need it. Feel free to discuss this in our initial conversation.

For World Building experientials I offer a free 30-minute introduction. Normal fee is $150 per session, if needed acquire about sliding scale availability. You can also purchase a package of 4-10 sessions at reduced prices. Contact me for updated prices. Consider it an investment in your well-being

I accept payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card at the time of service. For added convenience, I can also accept an ACH transfer.


I do not accept any third-party payment from any health plans currently. I will, however, be happy to provide you with itemized bills, which you may submit directly to your health plan for reimbursement according to your policy provisions.