About Therapy & World Building Practice

How Therapy Works

The genius of therapy starts with the setting.  It’s the creation of a sacred place and by sacred I just mean a place that is different from the everyday.  Broadly speaking therapy is a place you go for something.  That something may be really specific like “I want to feel less stressed and have more fun at work”, “I need help in my intimate relationship”, or “I want help making better choices with my health”. It may also be less specific, such as “I want to get to know myself better” or “things aren’t right, and I feel more frustrated than I used to”.

The setup of therapy is vital.  Where else is there total privacy and (usually) only two people with one person focused solely on the other.  The initial decision to find a therapist is opening up what sometimes is called the transcendent function.  Basically, tapping into that part of yourself that wants to “grow bigger than your problems” (Carl Jung).   The therapist’s job is to use the skills they have learned from whichever evidence-based approach to keep the mojo going.  You may notice results immediately or it may take time.  Each individual’s circumstance is different.  Discussing the progress with your therapist can be done periodically and help clarify the process.

How World Building Practice works

This section is still being created.  Check back in the future for more information or visit www.sandplay.org to find out about this therapeutic practice now!

What these practices can help you with

  • Life transitions (graduations, engagements, break-ups, promotions)
  • Learning new social, emotional, and communication skills
  • Manage work related anxiety and stress
  • Improve general well-being
  • Improve relationships
  • Develop a greater sense of purpose and meaning

What these practices can’t do

  • Change other people
  • Make you become someone else
  • Take away all negative emotions
  • Make you less human